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Bright Spirits
Peels Gin - 100% natural distilled flavour.

A stroll through Amalfi lemon groves...

Sharp, refreshing and zesty – a sun-soaked gin full of invigorating citrus flavours. Peels Gin is a stroll through Amalfi lemon groves on a balmy Mediterranean evening. An aromatic adventure for the palate. Fresh lemon, key lime and yuzu combine to create an entirely natural distilled flavour. No syrups, added sugars or flavourings.

Juniper, Lemon, Key Lime, Yuzu, Grapefruit, Coriander, Orris root, Angelica Root




Then soft citrus notes work their way through. Fresh lemon and crushed lime compliment the classic juniper aroma.


Lemon meringue pie filling with delightfully balanced floral notes.

The citrus tang never over powers the palate but is clearly present throughout.


Subtle tangy lime lingers on the finish, leaving a long lasting refreshed sensation.

Perfect Serve

Pour 50ml of Peels Gin into a chilled glass, filled with ice.

Top up with your favourite tonic water (a lighter option will make sure the gin botanicals shine through).

Garnish with a chunky slice of grapefruit and a fresh basil leaf.

Peels Gin - 100% natural distilled flavour.