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Bright Spirits


Say hello to the bright side of spirits!

The Bright Spirits team are on an adventure to bring you new, unique and characterful tastes by creating honestly crafted spirits with a huge focus on flavour. 

We are determined to do things differently. Our vision is straightforward, our process open and transparent – if it’s not natural it doesn’t go in. Through tireless research and experimentation, we developed, tweaked, abandoned, revisited, improved and re-abandoned batch after batch of recipes. Each iteration a learning experience until our distilling team finally hit upon the perfect balance. The result - three unique gins with explosive natural flavours.

Produced with passion and care at our single small batch still (named Irene <3) in London. All of our zesty citrus, warming spice and luscious fruit flavours are derived solely from the natural ingredients used in our distillation process. We add nothing else. No syrups, no colouring, no additives, no short cuts. Hands on our gin loving hearts.

Make sure to keep up to date with our news section to read about our exciting sponsorships, international gin awards and much more!

If you want to find out where you can find our award winning gins near you, check out our stockist map which is updated regularly!