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Meet our Team:  Moses The Distiller

Meet our Team:  Moses The Distiller

Moses The Distiller

Moses is our London based distiller and founder of Taxi Spirits Company Ltd. The distillery has been in production since 2018 after 6 years of dedicated hard work of Moses learning how to distil the perfect White Rum. As London’s first ever Rum Distillery this is a big achievement.

Moses has received well deserved recognition for his range of Gins and Rums. The now Award-winning Taxi Spirit’s Cabbie brand is getting huge amounts of plaudits and recognition.

Both the distillery and brand are named after Moses other profession… as a London Cab driver. Surprisingly there is a key crossover skill between the two professions. “The Knowledge” is a London Black Cab Driver super power that is developed through training and hard work. Unlike minicab drivers, black cabbies are not allowed to cheat using satnavs to find their way around. Instead, they have to know their way through the sprawling metropolis of 8.7 million people completely by memory. The time, effort, dedication and hard graft needed to achieve this, Moses has also brought to distilling! “The Knowledge” is a true sign of passion and love for a craft and seems to have become an ethos for Moses.

Outside the hard work of distilling and the long journeys of cab driving, Moses is supported by his lovely (and very patient!) partner Bianca Whiskey. With the surname of Whiskey it’s surely only a matter of time before they venture in to another wonderful spirit.

In the thin slivers of free time Moses gets he is a huge fan of pairing high-quality beverages with bad ass action movies! His hot recommendations are Indonesian martial arts / Gun play masterpiece “The Raid” and Keanu Reeves’ love letter to head shots… John Wick.